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Joni Vehmas

European Patent Attorney


Communication Technology, Software

Mobile: +358504364787


Languages: English, Finnish

"There are several different aspects which make my work as a patent attorney so enjoyable and inspiring. First of all, it is great to be able to get the chance to familiarize oneself with the latest innovations on a fairly wide technological scale through the work of a patent attorney. In my previous role as a researcher, the technological focus was much narrower. On the other hand, it is also rewarding to be able to help customers with their IP matters and also to share IPR knowledge in general. I have always enjoyed puzzle-solving. Thus, I especially enjoy tackling an exceptionally difficult Office Action from the Patent Office and being able to find the most optimal solution which both pleases the patent office while still serving the best interest of the client."

Joni started his work at Laine IP in March 2023. He works as a European patent attorney in the ICT & Mechanics team, specializing especially in ICT inventions.

Before joining Laine IP, Joni worked as a patent attorney in another IPR firm for over six years. During this time, he qualified as both a Finnish patent attorney and a European patent attorney. The prestigious Managing IP publication awarded Joni with the MIP Rising Star recognition in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Before transitioning to patenting, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Aalto University, studying the propagation of radio waves in various urban indoor and outdoor environments to support the development of 5G systems.

Joni has graduated from Aalto University and holds a Master of Science (Tech) degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, majoring in radio engineering and minoring in electromagnetics in 2011. Furthermore, he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation in the field of radio engineering at Aalto University in 2015. His doctoral dissertation concerned artificial electromagnetic composite materials (so-called metamaterials) and their utilization in radio engineering applications (e.g. in antennas, cloaking devices and microwave lenses).

Joni has extensive experience in protecting various ICT/electrical engineering-related inventions both in Finland and abroad (e.g. in Europe, the USA and China). The inventions that he has worked on have related, for example, to ICT, software, artificial intelligence, optics, radio engineering and electronics. He is especially versed in patenting of computer-implemented inventions. In addition to patent drafting and prosecution, Joni has experience in conducting various novelty, freedom-to-operate and patent landscape searches for clients as well as in competitor monitoring.

IPR services

  • European patents, Finnish patents, foreign patents, Finnish utility models, patent infringement analysis, patent scope analysis, novelty searches, FTO studies, competitor monitoring, state-of-the-art studies, patent landscape analyses, database searches, patent databases, unitary patent, European Patent Convention, EPC and UPC

Special expertise

  • Industries: telecommunications technology, software, radio engineering, optics, electronics, automation technology and metrology
  • Technologies: telecommunications, 5G & 6G systems, artificial intelligence, antennas, electronic filters, elements of radio transmitters and receivers, piezoelectric resonators and electrical drives