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Jussi Jaatinen

Jussi Jaatinen

European Patent Attorney


Team Leader

ICT, Mechanics

Telephone: +358 9 6859 560


Languages: Finnish, English

”In my line of work, it is inspiring to be in touch with new technology and with inventors. I also enjoy the office action process, as one gets to 'spar' a bit with the researchers at the patent office. Working with patents offers a great vantage point on how technology is developing."

Jussi began working at Laine IP in 2013. He works as European Patent Attorney on the electronics team, where he is responsible for patent applications related to electrical engineering. He is also the head of the electronics team.

Jussi holds a MSc degree in theoretical physics.


IPR services

  • Drafting and official processing of applications, invention disclosures, novelty searches, interpretation of claims

Special expertise

  • Industries: telecommunications technology, inventions in the field of physics, encryption, ad hoc networks, neural networks