Take control of IPR assets

A strong IPR portfolio strengthens your company’s market position, improves your position in negotiations, and gives you more options in developing your business. Below, you will find some basic advice on how to make your IPR assets work for you in different situations. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Together, we can always find the best solution to your IPR problems.

Planning to commercialize an invention – what next?

Do you have plans for the commercial exploitation of a new product or process? Before proceeding, it’s worth checking that you can enter the market without infringing on others’ patent rights. The earlier you are aware of possible patent rights of other parties, the more cost-effectively you will be able to adapt your own product development plans, thus saving time and effort. Read more

We are there to help with oppositions and appeals

If a competitor files a claim against your newly granted patent, professional representation is most likely called for. Likewise, in situations where the processing of your patent application or opposition proceedings at the patent office have resulted in an unfavorable outcome, our experts are happy to take care of the appeal. Our attorneys have solid experience in patent protection in opposition and appeal proceedings at the Finnish and European Patent Offices as well as the Finnish Market Court. In many cases, these processes include oral hearings where we represent you as the patent holder. Read more

Competitor monitoring

Are you up to date on the recent patent activity of your main competitors? Targeted competitor monitoring in patent databases is a powerful tool to stay current on the technologies your competitors are working to protect. Depending on your needs, we can design a monitoring program that focuses on selected companies or even on specific patent applications. We can carry out manual searches at regular intervals, or set up automated search profiles for more continuous monitoring. Read more

Trademark supervision

Unfortunately, simply registering a trademark cannot prevent others from exploiting it. Defending one’s trademark rights and intervening in case of unauthorized use is the responsibility of the trademark owner. Trademark registration is a practical tool for combating trademark abuse, and it is highly recommended to have supervision processes in place for all essential trademarks. Trademark supervision allows us to intervene in time for any applications that are similar or potentially confusing to your trademark.

We supervise your trademark together with you according to a jointly created plan. The extent of supervision can vary based on the need; it can encompass all classes and/or a worldwide watch, or selected classes in certain countries.

IPR portfolio optimization and yearly maintenance

Do you know the exact contents of your IP portfolio? Acquiring, investing in and paying annuities for IP rights only makes sense if they are relevant to your business now or in the near future. It is counterproductive to accumulate excess baggage in your portfolio, but decisions on divesting IP assets should be made carefully – as a rule, it is not possible to reinstate an expired patent. Read more

Name changes and assignments – up-to-date registry information safeguards your rights

Utilizing and defending your IPR – filing oppositions, selling and licensing patents etc. – is easy when the rights holder information in official registries is kept updated. In some countries, it is mandatory to ensure the accuracy of registry information, and third parties need to be able to rely on this data. We can take care of filing name changes and rights assignments (e.g. acquisitions and mergers) to the appropriate offices both in Finland and worldwide.

Contracts and negotiations

We are ready to help you with all IPR-related contractual work and negotiations. More about our legal services.